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Constituency decides what is and isn't necessary

constituency decides It would appear from recent letters to the editor that at least some of the members of the Woodinville Fire District's Board of Commissioners need a few elementary lessons in public process.
   When any elected board goes to the voters with a capital improvement bond issue, and the voters give their approval, it is understood that work promised will be completed regardless of changes in the board's members over the years.
   While it is easy to get elected by chanting "I'm the taxpayer's watchdog," it is quite another issue to then take office and attempt to stop what the voters (taxpayers) have instructed the Fire Commissioners to do.
   Commissioner David Callon publicly stated that even though three years of work and approximately $100,000 had been expended on a particular capital improvement, he felt that the project should not continue as planned because he didn't feel it was necessary.
   Mr. Callon, your constituency decided what was and wasn't necessary. It is your and the other board members' responsibility to see that it is done.
   If the Board of Commissioners does not follow through on what they are legally bound to do, I can assure them that two things will occur. First, the taxpayers of this fire district will receive a refund of money spent for items not delivered. Secondly, it will be a very long time before we forget what you have done and will be willing to support another bond.
   If Mr. Callon thinks he is going to impress us by attempting to axe projects that are years in the making, he is sadly mistaken. We, as a community, have spent a great deal of time and effort shaping our fire department into what it is today. We will not stand by and watch anyone destroy what has been created.

Verlyn Simmons, Woodinville