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Same old car, new coat of paint

Kenmore incorporation In response to your article "Kenmore residents continue cityhood drive" (Apr. 15):
   To the great citizens of Kenmore: "Let's talk." Do you realize that the current effort being made by the Kenmore residents for incorporation is the 6th (sixth) such effort in about 30 years? Folks, every time it has come up for a vote, nobody has or can tell the taxpayers how much the incorporation is going to cost them. (Most taxpayers prefer not to buy a pig in a poke).
   I defy anyone from the Kenmore incorporation committee to contradict what I am saying in this letter. This approach to cityhood is the same old car, just a new coat of paint, with one exception. This time Maggi Fimia, your honorable county councilwoman, goes around telling everyone in our neighborhood that none of the above is not and will not be an alternative.
   Based upon the state's growth management act, if we vote no, we will be forced into Bothell, Lake Forest Park, or somewhere else. Here's where she loses me. I submit that the citizens should have the right to say "we're staying just like we are."
   Now let's explore what the new city, if passed, would do. The Fire Department and police service will remain the same, our two most important concerns. The new (paid) city manager and the elected city council will have the following remaining responsibilities: (1) service city parks, (2) issue building permits, (3) land use planning.
   Ray Charles can see that all the permits for Lakepointe have been let and those apartment buildings across from Teo's are almost built and any other major pieces of land are already given permits. (Land planning is a little too late.)
   So, folks, if you want to take a chance on your taxes skyrocketing for the above services, you may do so. I suggest we form a committee to discuss this issue. If you are interested, call me at 488-9144. I will coordinate for the first meeting. Thank you.
   We may have to consider litigation if our vote is not honored at the ballot box (look at the Seattle Commons vote). They're back.

Dale Ashley, Kenmore