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Billboard exhibit offensive

offensive billboard Have you, like I, been extremely offended by the brazen ungodly advertisements of the California Tan Company? A billboard just east of the Woodinville Post Office has displayed what I feel is unthinkable to exhibit. I am grieved to drive my children past such garbage.
   Join with me and my church in registering your complaint and disgust that such depravity would be allowed for public viewing. I have committed to protest the distribution of that company's products as long as they elect to spew out this kind of advertisement filth.
   We want the billboard down ... and we want it down yesterday! The number to call to register complaints is The Crystal Company of California, 1-800-786-2273. The billboard will come down immediately or we will organize local protests at our neighborhood distributors of the product till they promise to pull the products.
   This company may elect to disregard morality, but we can elect to "offend" where it matters most to them ... in profits.

Pastor Rich Farinella, Woodin Valley Baptist Church