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Commissioners respond to CAC questions

CAC questions by Mary Baum, Chair, Citizen's Advisory Commmittee, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District
As many of you know, the Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) for Woodinville Fire and Life Safety has been in existence and recognized by the fire district for 12 years. The CAC is not affiliated with the fire district. It is a group of local residents and taxpayers, like yourselves, who care about the quality of our fire protection and emergency medical services.
   Over the years, we have all been asked for and given input and suggestions on all types of aspects relating to fire services. In essence, we are watching out for your tax dollars and the quality of service we all receive.
   One of our goals is to help keep you, as residents, informed. The following is a list of questions which were asked of the Fire District Commissioners by the CAC at the Apr. 15 Fire District meeting, with a brief summary of their answers:
   Q. Do you still feel that we need a fire station in downtown Woodinville?
   A. Commissioner Sue Dickson: Yes, it is needed. Commissioner Jim O'Dell: Yes, it is strongly needed. Commissioner Dave Callon: Yes, it is needed in that general area. Commissioner Don Leggett: No comment.
   Q. What implications does a station or lack thereof in the downtown Woodinville area have on fire insurance?
   A. Commissioner Dickson: It is my understanding it could reduce the rating to a "2." Commissioner O'Dell: It puts us closer for better response time. Commissioner Callon: Didn't believe it would rate us a "2," but it couldn't hurt any, either. Commissioner Leggett: First asked legal counsel if he had to answer questions from a citizen and was told nothing in the law stated that he must, then responded "no comment."
   Q. What are your plans on reducing the response time in the downtown district area?
   A. Commissioner O'Dell: To proceed with the current course of action for additional station. Commissioner Dickson: Same as Commissioner O'Dell. Commissioner Callon: No comment. Commissioner Leggett: No comment.
   Q. Do you feel that the planned developments of the City Campus, TRF, and Brittany Park projects will impact the current demands of station 31?
   A. Commissioner Dickson: Yes, it will impact all stations. Commissioner O'Dell: Yes, the growth in downtown will have major impacts. Commissioner Callon: No comment. Commissioner Leggett: No comment.
   Q. What is the current evaluation of the district's projects that had been scheduled for 1996 and 1997 as compared to the comp plan projects?
   A. Commissioner O'Dell: Any litigation will impact the downtown station and the achievement of what the voters asked for on the Bond Issue, including the expansion of Station 35. Commissioner Callon: To evaluate what the Bond Issue states and move in that direction. Commissioner Leggett: No comment.
   Commissioner Ben May was absent from the meeting.
   The Citizens Advisory Committee urges residents to attend the commissioners' meetings.