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Local Police Beat by Richard Matros
On Apr. 15, near the 18500 block of 159th Street, a Woodinville resident awoke to the sound of firecrackers. A neighbor reported that he went outside to investigate and saw two parked cars near the residence, one a white Honda Accord with four to six high-school-age kids inside. Both vehicles fled as the fireworks began. The victim did not notice until morning that his mailbox had been destroyed and his garage door riddled with paintball pellets.
   On Apr. 15, two unknown suspects entered a local grocery store, walked to the beer cooler, grabbed two cases of beer, and left without paying. An employee followed the two outside and observed them get into a vehicle occupied by two other males. He reported that he got close enough to the vehicle to kick the side of the car and leave dents.
   A Woodinville high school student was cited for third-degree theft for stealing a pack of cigarettes from a local grocery store. The suspect was observed selecting the cigarettes and walking down the aisle while concealing them in his pants pocket. He later went to the checkout stand, paid for a pack of lemon drops, and left the store. Store security stopped him outside and asked him where the cigarettes were. He agreed to come back into the store, and the police were called.