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Redmond asked to extend open space boundaries


Farmland in the Sammamish Valley.
Photo by Wendy Walsh/Woodinville Weekly.

open space boundaries by Wendy Walsh
The Hollywood Hill Association (HHA) has presented a proposal to the Redmond City Council requesting future funding for Sammamish Valley farmland acquisition.
   The group, represented by Larry Martin, asked Redmond to extend its Open Space recommendations to areas north of its city limits into the unincorporated parts of the Sammamish Valley.
   According to the HHA, agricultural lands within the city limits are often used for recreational fields to accommodate the growing needs of Little League and soccer associations. The association said it believes farms are a viable necessity to be maintained in the valley, and this need should be recognized.
   Both Woodinville and Redmond are expanding the use of open space by redesignating farmlands to recreational fields as the growing needs of league associations are recognized. League representatives agree that a compromise position is possible ensuring that the needs of both the sports organizations and farmland preservation are met.
   The Hollywood Hill Association is working with the leagues to create plans to accommodate both options and hopes to work with both Woodinville and Redmond.
   The Bear Creek Valley, recognized as an important part of the Sammamish Valley Basin, is at the top of the critical resource list because of its important salmon spawning population. Two projects have been recommended by Redmond to preserve the resource:

  1. The Keller Farm acquisition, bordering on Bear Creek near downtown Redmond, is considered an important part of storm retention. It also offers wildlife habitat protection and could be part of the trail system along Bear Creek which is being proposed by Redmond.
  2. The Bear Creek Basin Corridor would be the continuation of the process of protecting the critical habitat which has been funded by the previous Open Space funding. It is hoped that eventually the whole Bear Creek stream system will be protected, since it represents a major salmon resource renewal in the Puget Sound Region.