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Guest Columns

Blue Thumbs save water: Gov. Lowry proclaims Drinking Water Week

Drinking Water Week From Woodinville Water District and the American Water Works Association
Don't just go with the flow. Even though there's a tendency to use water as if our supplies are limitless, the truth is that there's a limit to this precious natural resource.

May is National Senior Citizens Month

National Senior Citizens Month From Senior Services of King County
How do I find a good nursing home for my mother? Who can I call to take my grandfather to the doctor when I work? I'm on Social Security--where can I get affordable repairs to my home?

Letters to the Editor

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Bond issue vote is not a blank check

bond issue vote As an elected official, I say, "Enough is enough!" I know the people voted a bond issue to upgrade fire stations, but that is not a blank check without accountability.

Fire District Commissioners doing a great job

Fire District Commissioners I can't believe my eyes or ears. I have attended several of the Fire Commissioners' meetings recently and I surely get a different picture of what is going on.

Unique opportunity to help preserve city's history

city's history As Woodinville grows into a city of the 21st century, the community's 120-year heritage and roots should not be forgotten. We have a unique opportunity May 21 to help preserve this history.

Truly a community project

community project Remember all those Woodinville community meetings where we citizens were asked to describe our "vision" of the future of Woodinville? Well, the citizens now have an opportunity to act on their vision!

Fix the bump in the road

>fix the bump There has been a hump or bump in the middle of the Woodinville-Duvall Rd., just west of the Water District office since December 1995. The bump was caused by the winter frost.

Ending the ignorance of cultures

ending the ignorance In Bothell, the number of minorities living in the area is only a handful. The most obvious diversity between people lies in their different sexes. Still, in these quiet neighborhoods, you find in the schools the diverse teachings of many cultures.

Celebration for all WHS seniors

WHS Baccalaureate Recently in the Woodinville Weekly, there was a letter concerning the Baccalaureate Services for Woodinville High School (WHS).

President has a nice smile, but...

nice smile Try as we might to give you the benefit of the doubt, you have done it again, "Mr. President."

Gratitude for support

supporters thanked Thank you all for being there for my dear husband "Sully's" memorial service.

Front page news ignored

news ignored I was amazed at the lack of media attention concerning the passage of Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn's Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a bill designed to provide taxpayers greater leverage in dealing with the IRS.

Only risk in oil pipeline

oil pipeline "Pipeline has no place in Snoqualmie Valley" was the headline in a local paper that editorialized against a 227-mile Cross-Cascade pipeline proposed by Olympic Pipeline Company.