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Front page news ignored

news ignored I was amazed at the lack of media attention concerning the passage of Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn's Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a bill designed to provide taxpayers greater leverage in dealing with the IRS--especially considering every American is required to pay taxes.
   I found an article that discussed in-depth the nature of the protections Congresswoman Dunn has provided the American Taxpayer, some of which include:
   Waiving charges and penalties when the IRS is at fault; extending the time during which taxpayers may pay delinquent taxes before being subject to interest charges; allowing married taxpayers who file separate returns and later realize they would have paid less had they filed jointly to file an amended return (this reform is truly family-friendly); enhancing measures to protect the rights of divorced filers; increasing the maximum award amount from $100,000 to $1,000,000 for reckless IRS collection actions; and enhancing accountability by requiring the IRS to file an annual report to Congress documenting misconduct by IRS employees.
   Wow! Dunn is clearly a friend to the American taxpayer.
   Considering that everyone in the state of Washington is affected by this bill, why wasn't this front page news?

Mike Robinson, Renton