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Only risk in oil pipeline

oil pipeline "Pipeline has no place in Snoqualmie Valley" was the headline in a local paper that editorialized against a 227-mile Cross-Cascade pipeline proposed by Olympic Pipeline Company.
   The pipeline would transport millions of gallons of gasoline, jet fuel and diesel through your land and my land in the Snoqualmie Valley.
   The editorial points out that the bottom line is this: The pipeline would put the nature and ecology of the Snoqualmie Valley at risk while returning no direct benefit.
   If, hypothetically, this pipeline were going to bring something of value to the Valley, then the risk may be outweighed by the benefit. In this case, however, the risk is all there is.
   Olympic Pipeline Co. offers to pay you a small amount of money in return for compromising your property rights and robbing you of the safety and security you feel on your own piece of ground.
   A diverse group of land owners, business owners, environmentalists, tribes, unions and others have joined together to fight the pipeline under the banner of Cascade Columbia Alliance. We don't agree on other issues, but we do agree that the pipeline is a bad idea for this state. Bad for our water, bad for our property rights, and most of all, completely unnecessary other than for the purpose of filling the pockets of Texaco, Arco, and Gatx.
   Please, do not sign these oil company's easement agreements. You do not have to give up rights to your own property. Write letters to local and state officials with copies to our local newspapers.
   An advisory petition is being circulated. Please obtain copies by contacting the Cascade Alliance at 441-7164, JoAnn Kacsan at 888-1824, or call me at 788-8025.

Terri Corp, Carnation