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Unique opportunity to help preserve city's history

city's history As Woodinville grows into a city of the 21st century, the community's 120-year heritage and roots should not be forgotten. We have a unique opportunity May 21 to help preserve this history.
   If we approve a $7.5 million bond issue at a cost of 62 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation, the city can buy the Old Woodinville School property and adjacent acreage. The 13.5-acre purchase would set the stage for a community/civic center to serve all ages and interests, including a museum in a portion of the Woodinville School building.
   The May 21 bond issue would cost $7.75 per month for the owner of a home assessed at $150,000. The bond issue is important to the Woodinville Historical Society because it would help preserve our heritage.
   Woodinville as a dwelling place has existed since 1878, although Ira and Susan Woodin would scarcely recognize their village today.
   But we have a chance to keep the flavor of that history: the Old Woodinville School building and site are worth saving from commercial development and could provide a community/civic center for generations to come. What an opportunity this would be to display our community history and artifacts in such a significant setting.
   From a historic standpoint, the original school on this site was built in 1892, replaced in 1902 and again in 1908, and remodeled in 1937 to its present appearance. Because I was born of a pioneer family in this area, I completed some of my schooling in that brick building. My husband and I raised our family here and operated a Woodinville business for a number of years.
   Even though we are now retired, we are willing to pay our share to support this bond issue. Please join me at the polls May 21. Your "yes" vote would truly be a "contribution" toward a future home for the Woodinville Historical Museum.

Gladys Berry, President, Woodinville Historical Society