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Truly a community project

community project Remember all those Woodinville community meetings where we citizens were asked to describe our "vision" of the future of Woodinville? The vision included more activities for kids and families, open space, active parks, trees, a pedestrian-friendly downtown, small town flavor, etc.
   Well, the citizens now have an opportunity to act on their vision! To make it happen! It will take some sacrifice and a little bit of energy, but here's your chance.
   The opportunity stems from the idea of a Woodinville Community Center. The city has an agreement with the Northshore School District to purchase the 10.5-acre Sorenson School property smack in the middle of downtown Woodinville.
   Initially, the purchase protects this prime area from becoming another shopping center or housing development and keeps the athletic fields green and inviting. In time, it provides meeting halls and classrooms, recreational opportunities, a gym, and a pool.
   But in order to make it happen, we, the citizens, must get out on May 21 to vote yes on a $7.5 million bond issue that will enable the city to buy the property. The City Council has promised an additional $1.6 million for immediate improvements to the buildings.
   This is truly a community development project where you can get involved with your vote, your energy, and your ideas. Vote yes on May 21! Put your energy where your vision is. Help make a better Woodinville.

Larry Chime, Woodinville