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Celebration for all WHS seniors

WHS Baccalaureate Recently in the Woodinville Weekly, there was a letter concerning the Baccalaureate Services for Woodinville High School (WHS). Apparently, this letter wasn't meant to be published in the paper, but was actually a letter sent to the businesses of Woodinville.
   The letter made it sound like this service was to honor the seniors at WHS, but I recently found out that this Baccalaureate Service is actually for only a small group of WHS seniors who belong to a select group of Christian churches. If you are in another Christian faith not in this group, or Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc., you are not welcome.
   Oh yes, those who were listed as the WHS Baccalaureate Committee '96 did say that anyone was free to come and sit in the audience, but they also said that anyone in the aforementioned groups were barred from speaking in the service. One member of the committee stated that if a Mormon were to speak in the service, that it would dilute the spirituality of the meeting. They further stated that they did not want any views other than their own expressed at the service.
   The young people who organized this event were instructed by their adult leaders to not let the ASB President know about their planning because they didn't want anyone from her religious group to be involved in the Baccalaureate Services.
   I have had a hard time reconciling these actions with the statement in their letter that said, "The Baccalaureate Service will be presented by the seniors, with a view to reinforcing the strong moral values and respect for one another and community that we all appreciate."
   I have no problem or quarrel with a church or group of churches getting together to honor their seniors. I feel that our kids today need as much encouragement as we can give them to get through these times. I applaud all those who are actively working with our young people.
   My concern is that this group calling themselves the "WHS Baccalaureate Committee '96" is presenting themselves to the business community and the community at large as something they are not. My wish is that those businesses that were sent this letter and those who read the letter in the paper realize what kind of values they would be supporting.
   At this time, the Senior Class is planning a celebration for ALL the seniors at WHS. The meeting will be held at the school gym, on June 11. They will be needing music, refreshments, decorations, etc. I hope that the business community and the community at large would be willing to help and support an activity that celebrates the accomplishments of all our seniors.
   If any of you would like to help, you could contact me at 486-5969 or contact the school. Let's support ALL of the wonderful, hard working seniors at Woodinville High School.

Carol A. Bogue, Woodinville