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City Council says no to parking, yes to bike lanes

Gridroad ordinance changes expected at second reading

gridroad ordinance by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The City Council has approved 5-2 the first reading of its abbreviated gridroad ordinance, giving the nod to the two streets proposed in the 44-acre downtown retail project and the new right-of-way width for Brittany Park's 133rd Avenue NE.
   Councilmembers Marsha Engel and Art Saulness voted against the first reading, having voted earlier along with Councilmember Barbara Solberg to postpone it until May 13.
   The council also passed several amendments to the ordinance, deleting all on-street parallel parking on future grid roads and requiring all streets to have bicycle lanes. While the city's federal aid urban system (FAUS) roads required bike lanes in the ordinance, the council's change forced city staff to go back to the drawing board and rework the cross-sections of the roads, changing right-of-way and pavement widths to accommodate the bike lanes.
   City staff are expected to bring an updated version of the ordinance to the council for review at their Apr. 29 special meeting, including the changes, as well as adding language allowing "temporary permitted construction within the proposed right-of-way." This addresses the concerns of Canterbury Square, which has potential lots in the proposed right-of-way for NE 172nd Street.
   In another change, the intersection at 133rd Avenue NE and the South Bypass, which was to have restricted turns in the future, was amended to have no restrictions for now.
   In other business: