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Wilmot Park fundraising campaign has 'big' kickoff

pledge check

Members of the Woodinville Rotary Club presented a $75,000 pledge check (drawn on The Bank of Wishful Thinking of Grace) for the Jerry Wilmot Green Gateway Park at last week's City Council meeting. Left to right are Councilmembers Barbara Solberg, Art Saulness, Scott Hageman, and Marsha Engel; Bob Russell; Deputy Mayor Don Brocha; Mayor Bob Miller; Rotary President Chris Carnevali; Suzanne Wilmot; Rotary President-Elect Rick Goodman; Arne Omli; Fire Chief Jim Davis; and Councilmember Lucy DeYoung.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

Wilmot Park by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The Jerry Wilmot Green Gateway Park Finance committee is encouraging area residents and businesses to get involved in the city's future park by giving them the opportunity to buy customized bricks, tiles, and buildings.
   The fundraising effort began when the Woodinville Rotary Club presented a "big" $75,000 pledge check to the City Council last week to kick off the fundraising campaign for the park.
   "We are very proud to play a major role in the funding of the Jerry Wilmot Green Gateway Park and hope that others will soon come forward and join us in helping to make this project a great success that will be enjoyed by many generations to come," Chris Carnevali, Rotary president, told the council in a letter.
   The Rotary's donation pays for the southernmost building on the site and its dedication to their group. To raise the $75,000, the Rotary will designate the park as the primary beneficiary of their fundraisers for the next three to five years.

Kid bricks, corporate tiles to help fund development
   The City Council commended the Rotary's donation by way of a resolution that also stated the city's intent of financing a portion of the development of the park through private donations.
   "We (the council) feel very strongly about the public being a part of the park," said Deputy Mayor Don Brocha, who has noted that community ownership of the park is important.
   "There's still a lot of work to be done," said Lane Youngblood, park coordinator for the city, "but we're off to a wonderful start and have a wonderful lead from the Woodinville Rotary Club. We hope it sends a positive signal to the community."
   The finance committee's goal is to raise $500,000 through private donations. More than 1,000 "kid" bricks, 500 "adult" bricks, and 500 8" X 8" tiles are for sale to help fund the development of the park. There are also opportunities for larger contributions to fund buildings and a play structure.
   Kid bricks are priced at $45 each and will feature the child's name and birthdate. Adult bricks are $100 each and will bear the adult's name. A no-logo tile for families and businesses costs $300; a tile with logo is $1,000.
   Estimates put development costs for the 3.7-acre park at around $1.2 million. Of that figure, about $200,000 could come from grants, $400,000 from the countywide bond issue should it pass this September, and $400,000 from the city's Real Estate Excise Tax fund.
   The goal of the finance committee is to begin construction of the park in 1997. The kickoff for brick and tile sales is expected July 4th, but requests to be put on a waiting list can be directed to Woodinville City Hall at 489-2700.