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Guest Column

In the aftermath of the earthquake

earthquake preparedness by Washington State Emergency Management
Here is an Earthquake Preparedness Home Checklist, for those who want to be ready in case of another quake in our area.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are welcome and encouraged. Please send them to us at: P.O. Box 587 or 17936 Woodinville-Snohomish Rd.; Woodinville, WA 98072; or deliver them to our office. They may also be faxed to (206) 486-7593. Letters must be signed and must include a daytime telephone number for confirmation. They may be edited.

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Grid road cents and sensibility

grid roads In a town where the total annual budget is $3.5 million, does it make sense to place a grid road where the first 100 feet costs $1 million for the land alone?

Fire Commissioner questions source of letters

personal agendas Within the last few weeks, a number of articles and letters have appeared in this paper dealing with various issues in our fire district. I congratulate the Weekly for a fair and balanced reporting of our public board meetings.

Keep the sports fields in downtown Woodinville

sports fields I really hope we can preserve the sports fields in downtown Woodinville. It would be a shame if the property ended up going to a shopping center developer who would cover the valuable turf fields with asphalt.

Too much development near Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek development I am concerned about the impact of recent and proposed housing developments taking place near Bothell's Canyon Creek Elementary School.

Baccalaureate organizers respond

Baccalaureate response The Woodinville Baccalaureate Committee would like to clarify a concern raised in regard to a recent letter published in the Woodinville Weekly about our upcoming Baccalaureate Service for the graduating seniors.

Can you see the forest for your trees?

living in the woods Logging trucks have become a familiar sight in our neighborhood. Some days, smoke from burning branches permeates our home. I hear chainsaws as I write. This scene is threatening to our neighborhood environment.

Help create a movement for nation's children

Stand for Children We are in the middle of an urgent crisis with regard to the deteriorating conditions for children in this country. Urgent crisis, you say? I hope the following statistics will create a sense of urgency for all who read them.

Campaign against billboard successful

offensive billboards Much thanks are in order to all the responsible citizens who have taken action to register your complaints last week to the California Tan Company concerning their offensive billboards.

Play has message of love and hope despite tragedy

Godspell On May 2, [the Bellevue Christian High School dramatists] opened the musical Godspell. It revolves around the contemporary version of the gospel according to St. Matthew.

Replacing farms with steel and concrete

unwanted developments After reading the article titled "New development slated for Big Rock Road Corner," I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions ranging from anger and outrage to utter frustration.

Regrettable miscarriage of justice

miscarriage of justice As a dissenting juror in the recent Superior Court action by the former City Administrator against the current Mayor of Carnation, I want to express my personal regret for what I consider to be a miscarriage of justice.

Presentation afflicted by apparent polital shenanigans

late-term abortions In her inflammatory letter on late-term abortions (April 22), Cherelle Carlsen omits the historical context of this highly emotional issue.