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Replacing farms with steel and concrete

unwanted developments After reading the article titled "New development slated for Big Rock Road Corner" (Valley View, April 8), I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions ranging from anger and outrage to utter frustration.
   After living in Redmond for the last 10 years and seeing promises made and broken regarding growth control, I escaped to the rural small town environment of Duvall/Carnation.
   But wait, here it comes all over again. I, for one, feel that any developments must be stopped now. If the developments are allowed to be continued, it will be only a matter of time before other developments are planned and built.
   Pretty soon, Carnation and Duvall will be just like Redmond. All of the farms will be replaced by steel and concrete factories. Look around us, look at Bellevue, Redmond, Totem Lake. These were once small towns. Now they are just another variation of Los Angeles. I moved out here a few years ago to get away from the crime, population, pollution, noise, and everything else that comes with the uncontrolled growth that these cities have allowed to happen.
   I thought that I would have a dozen or so years before hell happened all over again. But it looks like I am wrong. The real question is just how far does one have to move away from it all to keep it that way.
   I hope that I am not just one voice, and I hope that if enough of the concerned citizens will unite, perhaps we can keep Carnation, Duvall, Fall City, and other small rural towns just that.

Todd Bailey, Duvall/Carnation