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Presentation afflicted by apparent polital shenanigans

late-term abortions In her inflammatory letter on late-term abortions (April 22), Cherelle Carlsen omits the historical context of this highly emotional issue--deep concerns that led to the 1973 decision aimed at protecting abortion from abusive forms as symbolized by a clothes-hanger.
   Cherelle also distorts the legal terminology by substituting "some late-term abortion" for the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act." Her presentation is afflicted by apparent political shenanigans with her "pro-choice" convictions supporting the abortion industry.
   From extreme pro-death procedures, we need to return to protect the process of natural abortion and ban the clothes-hanger as well as the suction-tube. I congratulate our Representatives like Jennifer Dunn and Senators like Slade Gorton, along with the majority in both Houses, who discern the real issue at stake.

Rits Tadema, Carnation