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Keep the sports fields in downtown Woodinville

sports fields I really hope we can preserve the sports fields in downtown Woodinville. It would be a shame if the property ended up going to a shopping center developer who would cover the valuable turf fields with asphalt. A lot of time, money, and work has gone into establishing and maintaining the fields over the past 20 years.
   The community of Woodinville has the opportunity to buy the school property if Woodinville voters approve a May 21 bond issue at the polls. The city would acquire the land which includes the sports fields, swimming pool, and gymnasium that are part of the Sorenson buildings. These are all valuable assets for the youth of our community and could not be duplicated in such a convenient location again for the price of $7.5 million.
   I've been involved with youth sports in Woodinville for about 35 years. I was a Little League player growing up in this community. In fact, I played on these fields when they were first constructed in the mid-1950s.
   For the past 20 years, I've participated in the Northshore Youth Soccer Association as parent, coach, and officer. I've watched thousands of kids and parents benefit from the availability of the fields. Think about how many soccer, baseball, and softball games you've seen yourself when you drive by.
   What a constructive use of land--giving kids a healthy outlet for their energies and a place to learn sportsmanship and team-building.
   If we lose these fields, it'll be next to impossible to relocate this recreational area, not to mention the loss of green space the fields offer in the heart of Woodinville.
   Let's think about the future of our youth and the life of our community. Please vote yes on May 21.

David Shipway, Woodinville President, Northshore Youth Soccer Association