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Campaign against billboard successful

offensive billboards Much thanks are in order to all the responsible citizens who have taken action to register your complaints last week to the California Tan Company concerning their offensive billboards. What was supposed to be a campaign running to mid- or late-May has been prematurely halted by the end of April (at least in our area for sure).
   The Crystal Company of California experienced a barrage of protests from people who felt that they didn't have to put up with the "in your face" attitude of the offensive advertisements.
   We also commend some local businesses who sympathized with us by pulling the products, sending a clear message to the California company. They are responsible business people who should be commended--counting the greater issues of morality to override a possible gain in revenues. This is an encouraging example of the impact that we all can have in our community to make Woodinville a great place for families.

Pastor Rich Farinella, Woodin Valley Baptist Church