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Make a Victorian bouquet

Victorian bouquet Traditional Victorian bouquets are made with one large flower in the center and smaller flowers arranged in concentric rings around it. The whole bouquet is then outlined with leafy green foliage tied with a piece of lace.
   To make one for your mother, choose flowers with motherly meanings, such as pink roses for grace and beauty, cream colored roses for perfection, chrysanthemums for long life and joy, and pink carnations for maternal love.
   It's also nice to add something for kindness (delphinium) or wisdom (stock). Or use your mother's favorite flowers in her favorite colors.
   Step one: Start with three rose buds or a large-headed single flower. Surround it with some mini-carnations or other small headed flowers.
   Step two: Wrap yarn or string around the stems to hold them in place. Cut stems to 4-5 inches in length.
   Step three: Use some broad green leaves, such as ivy or galax, to form a border around the flowers. Again, wrap the stems with yarn to hold them in place.
   Step four: Cut an "X" in the center of a paper doily, creating an opening large enough to slip the stems through. Push the doily snug against the underside of the flowers and tie it in place with a narrow ribbon (or use real lace instead of a doily).