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New services from GTE enhance security and control for phone users

telephone services GTE unveiled two new features for Washington customers who want more security, privacy, and control over their telephone.
   The company introduced Caller I.D., which displays both the caller's name and number before the call is answered. Caller I.D. offers benefits for both residential and small business customers. Parents, for example, can tell children who are home alone to answer calls only from people whose name and number they recognize. Businesses can personalize their greetings and use the service to verify orders or requests.
   Customers can also get Anonymous Call Rejection from GTE. With this service, any caller who has blocked his or her number from appearing on a Caller I.D. or Calling Number I.D. box will be intercepted by a recorded message. The message announces that the called party will not accept calls from callers who prevent display of their phone number.
   To order, customers can call 1-800-483-4100 or visit a GTE Phone Mart.