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Civic Center Bond Issue: Two Viewpoints

Perfect focal point and gateway to Woodinville

Civic Center Bond Issue by Stuart Clark & Bruce Allen, Citizens for a Woodinville Community Center
Woodinville voters will decide May 21 whether the city should sell $7.5 million in bonds to purchase a prime downtown site for a community center.

Complex of outdated buildings to renovate

Civic Center Bond Issue by Bob Dixon, former Woodinville City Councilmember
We are being asked, on May 21st, to vote on $7.5 million in Municipal Bonds to purchase the Sorenson complex and three additional acres for parking. Might this be the camel's nose in the tent?

Letters to the Editor

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Civic Center would reduce traffic impacts

Civic Center From a transportation point of view, buying the Woodinville/Sorenson school for a community/civic center makes sense.

Who gets the money and why?

Civic Center Would someone please explain to me why the taxpayers of Woodinville have to pay $7.5 million for something they already own?

WHS seniors celebrating friendships

WHS seniors We would like to invite the community to Woodinville High School's "A Senior Celebration" in the Woodinville High School Gym on June 11, at 7 p.m.

Community helps keep Bothell blooming

thanks from Bothell The Greater Bothell Association would like to thank several individuals in the community for all of their help in cleaning up and planting flowers along Main Street in Downtown Bothell.

Real wealth decreasing through government 'contributions'

minimum wage Dear Patty Murray: Please! Put those tennis shoes aside. I have read the Woodinville Weekly, wherein you offer your thoughts on the minimum wage.

Hatred escaping bounds of reality

irrational hatred For a long time, we have all heard the shrill voices of those who viciously hate President and Mrs. Clinton. However, the letter printed in the Woodinville Weekly on April 29th proves this visceral hatred has escaped the bounds of reality.

Initiative will contribute to higher gas prices

Initiative 188 The environmentalists' Initiative 188, for which they are now soliciting signatures, will make a significant contribution to even higher gasoline prices.

Oil pipeline danger is unacceptable

unacceptable danger The Woodinville Weekly/Valley View has done an outstanding job covering the oil pipeline controversy.

Pipeline would be situated between two faults

pipeline & faults Last Thursday's earthquake was scary, wasn't it? This causes me to consider the possible dire consequences to the entire Snoqualmie Valley if a proposed pipeline is approved.

Fire District will miss Dr. Hahn

Dr. Hahn missed As Chief of District 10, I extend the appreciation of the members of the department to Dr. Ken Hahn of the Carnation Family Clinic for his support and assistance over the past 10 years.

Tame animals cannot survive in the wild

killing innocent animals Last year, it was chickens that were thrown away down our street, and left for coyote bait. Don't you people realize that domesticated and tame animals cannot survive in the wild?