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Oil pipeline danger is unacceptable

unacceptable danger The Woodinville Weekly/Valley View has done an outstanding job covering the oil pipeline controversy. I am sorry I do not receive your paper in the upper Snoqualmie Valley, but I, and other residents I know, have friends in the lower valley that share their copies, bless 'em!
   Most people are aware that "Big Oil" corporations (Texaco, Atlantic Richfield, GATX, the Olympic Pipe Line Company) are also seeking a permit from the state to bury a $105-million pipeline from Woodinville to Pasco by way of Snoqualmie Pass.
   Olympic Pipe Line Company's proposed 227-mile pipe would carry gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. A 70-ft. right-of-way would be required and would enter the Snoqualmie Valley north of Carnation as it winds its way through the entire Snoqualmie Valley. In the upper valley, it passes just east of the Snoqualmie Weyerhaeuser mill, then crosses the Snoqualmie River via the old railroad trestle bridge and goes through Meadowbrook Farm. The pipe crosses the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River in North Bend and continues very near the North Bend Elementary School, and Tanner and Twin Falls State Park.
   I have serious concerns regarding the potential for spills anywhere on the route. In my area, the issue of being contiguous to the city of North Bend's recently-drilled well site behind the North Bend Elementary School is frightful.
   This danger to our aquifer is unacceptable and the spill history of Olympic Pipe Line Co. is not comforting. In the past 10 years, there have been 10 spills on Olympic's existing lines. They included a 168,000-gallon diesel spill at a pump station near Burlington and a 31,000-gallon spill of jet fuel into Des Moines Creek near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
   The risk of potential contamination of a major water supply source including countless private wells is obvious if Texaco, ARCO, and GATX are successful. I have obtained advisory petitions opposing this project and am filling them with signatures of family, friends, and neighbors. I got mine after calling JoAnn Klacsan at 888-1824. Terri Corp can provide petitions if you call her at 788-8025, or call the Cascade-Columbia Alliance at 441-7164. Please join this worthy effort.

Marian Claflin, North Bend