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Pipeline would be situated between two faults

pipeline & faults Last Thursday's earthquake was scary, wasn't it? It seemed to go on and on. After my house stopped jumping around and cracking noises subsided, I searched for damage and felt lucky to find none. Other people weren't so fortunate, especially those residents in Duvall who live near the epicenter of the Duvall Fault.
   Predictions of a much more serious quake are being made. This causes me to consider the possible dire consequences to the entire Snoqualmie Valley if a proposed pipeline is approved.
   Texaco, ARCO, and GATX want their pipeline situated between two faults: the Duvall Fault and the Rattlesnake Ridge Fault.
   Pipelines leak, and most leaks are undectectable until it is TOO LATE! Please join me in signing the advisory petitions against "Big Oil's" dangerous proposal for our Valley.

Nell Wolever, North Bend