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Civic Center would reduce traffic impacts

Civic Center From a transportation point of view, buying the Woodinville/Sorenson school for a community/civic center makes sense.
   The Woodinville Comprehensive Plan indicates that in the year 1994, Average Daily Traffic (ADT) on NE 175th Street was 22,400 vehicles to the west and 20,166 vehicles to the east of 132nd Avenue NE. The existing peak hour traffic volume on NE 175th Street is about 1,800 to 2,000 vehicles. This is despite the presence of two bypasses in Woodinville.
   Also, we know for a fact that this roadway is already developed and cannot be expanded anymore. As is, NE 175th Street is operating over an acceptable capacity. By the year 2010, forecasts show that traffic volumes on NE 175th Street will increase to 25,000 and 33,000 vehicles (east and west of 132nd Avenue NE respectively) daily.
   Now what if you add a retail center in place of the Woodinville/Sorenson site? Generally, retail centers generate twice as much daily traffic as civic centers and probably as much as five times or more, depending on what ultimately is developed.
   As a transportation planner, I can assure you that a civic center will contribute less of a traffic problem than a retail center on the same site. I also believe that a community center served by the proposed trail system would generate a different type of traffic, one not attuned to peak hours, such as bicycles, pedestrians, and even equestrians in addition to vehicles.
   As a Woodinville resident and voter, I support the development of a community/civic center on the Woodinville/Sorenson site. I believe the benefits will be reaped not only in services and activities for us and our families, but also in reducing traffic impacts. Please cast your vote May 21 in support of the community/civic center.

Hossein Barahimi, Woodinville