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Real wealth decreasing through government 'contributions'

minimum wage Dear Patty Murray:
   Please! Put those tennis shoes aside. I have read the Woodinville Weekly (April 8, 1996), wherein you offer your thoughts on the minimum wage.
   I have been taught that the key to the economic wealth of the people is productivity regardless of any minimum wage concept. However, the more people that sap the benefits of productivity through bureaucracy, and government mandates designed to favor special interest, the less benefits translated into goods and services filter down to those entitled in "the good life." In other words, through government's "contributions," our real wealth is decreasing.
   I do recall (an extreme case) Argentina's inheritance from the dictatorship: cozy government pacts between the unions and bureaucracies insuring high wages for everybody, but there was'nt "a chicken in every pot." It became "from the paycheck to the supermarket on the run" before prices went up further.
   Without further ado, perhaps we should review ECON 101.

Sigmund Geisendorfer, Woodinville

P.S. Unfortunately, the minimum wage has become a political issue.