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Hatred escaping bounds of reality

irrational hatred For a long time, we have all heard the shrill voices of those who viciously hate President and Mrs. Clinton. However, the letter printed in the Woodinville Weekly on April 29th, 1996, signed by Jim and Patty Jo Nordahl, proves this visceral hatred has escaped the bounds of reality.
   The Nordahls claim Mr.Clinton is not fit to be President because he "smirked" during the funeral of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. I didn't know whether to laugh, because this complaint is so idiotic, or cry, because unfettered and irrational hatred of politicians (from both parties) is damaging America. When I stopped laughing, a cold chill ran down my spine.
   The purpose of this funeral was not only grieving the loss of a great American, but also celebrating Ron Brown's many accomplishments. Mr. Clinton reminded us that the deceased was a success at everything he did, and he acknowledged that without the help of his friend, Ron Brown, he would not have been elected President.
   Mr. Clinton also gently poked fun at Secretary Brown's love of fine clothes. It's common knowledge that comments such as these are perfectly appropriate in a eulogy for a friend.
   That cold chill I felt was caused by the intensity of the hatred some people feel toward the Clintons. This hatred knows no bounds, and in this example, it is not based in reality. It is impolite, un-Christian, and un-American. I guess we are no longer teaching our children, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"
   Are we really better off now that every petty accusation and snide or sarcastic comment is aired and discussed on TV or radio, ad nauseum?
   With the election just around the corner, I would like to ask the Nordahls and all Americans to demand this election be decided after a discussion of the enormous issues that face our country, not by the tactic of making more people hate the opponent. Because in the end, all parties have to work together, and this is so much more difficult if they have spent most of their time demonizing the opposition.
   We are stumbling down the path to a smaller national debt because it is unfair to leave huge financial deficits for our children and grandchildren. But there is another more hidden deficit that threatens our future.
   If America's best and brightest avoid public service because they are loathe to expose their spouse and children to this savage hostility, a budget deficit could be the least of our problems.

Holly Kent, Woodinville