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Initiative will contribute to higher gas prices

Initiative 188 The environmentalists' Initiative 188, for which they are now soliciting signatures, will make a significant contribution to even higher gasoline prices.
   The so-called Marine Waters and Salmon Habitat Protection Act calls for not just increasing fees on tanker-shipped oil, but also extending the fees to pipe-transported oil (which, of course, gives the oil companies a marvelous excuse to further increase consumer prices).
   Even worse, the Initiative calls for a permanent ban on oil drilling seaward 12 miles along the Washington coast. We can't drill for oil in even a tiny portion of the Alaskan wilderness, and if this Initiative gains enough signatures, we can't drill for oil in the ocean.
   Once we're completely dependent on foreign oil, what do you suppose will happen to gasoline prices? And the prices of airline tickets and transported food items and manufactured products that depend on reasonably-priced energy sources?
   Think twice before signing Initiative 188.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville