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Dining In: International favorites put excitement back into everyday meals

Gardening: Ladybird beetles, garden helpers

ladybird beetles Chants and rhymes and hundreds of illustrations have made the red and black ladybug--or ladybird beetle--among the most recognizable of garden insects worldwide.

Fish monitors sought for Little Bear Creek

fish monitors A group of area residents is looking for volunteers to help assess the fish habitat on Little Bear Creek between the Sammamish River and the headwaters in Snohomish County.

TeenWork links teens, jobs

TeenWork TeenWork is a program that helps Northshore Teens find employment. The program's goals are to provide job information, job referrals, and job seeking skills for teens.

Home tour will spotlight use of native plants

native plants "Natural Selections: a Native Plant Garden Tour" will be held May 18 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Woodinville Water District.

Slug problems? An answer!

slug problems What is slow, not too bright, likes beer, and prefers the dark? The correct answer is slugs, those slimy, pesky mollusks that eat their way through your garden.

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