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TeenWork links teens, jobs

TeenWork TeenWork is a program that helps Northshore Teens find employment. The program's goals are to provide job information, job referrals, and job seeking skills for teens.
   Jobs may include, but are not limited to, work in homes, yard work, babysitting, pet care, moving, hauling, and party help, or jobs in businesses such as clerical, data entry, sales, cashiering, and maintenance.
   This job referral service is free to both employers and teens, although nominal fees may be charged for other services. Employers who have available jobs are urged to call Teen Northshore and leave a message. TeenWork will then call back to write a job order and contact several prospective teens who meet the necessary requirements.
   Teens who are looking for a job should also call Teen Northshore. Leave your name, address, and telephone number and request an application. Complete it and return it to the TeenWork Director. When a job becomes available that you can do, you will be called by the director. Your name will not be given to employers without your permission.
   The decision to take a particular job is the teen's--and if you are under 18, yours and your parents'. TeenWork does not screen employers or have control over whether a particular employer or job is suitable.
   Teens may ask employers for references and should also ask that parent(s) accompany them for a job interview or for the first time at work. Before hiring a teen, TeenWork interviews potential employees but has not checked references, and is not responsible for the background or qualifications of the TeenWork teens.
   References are available. Ask the TeenWork director for names to call. Both prospective employers and teens in need of a job should call Teen Northshore at 344-6417.