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Slug problems? An answer!

slug problems What is slow, not too bright, likes beer, and prefers the dark? The correct answer is slugs, those slimy, pesky mollusks that eat their way through your garden.
   Now a new publication from Washington Toxics Coalition tells you how to make use of slugs' peculiar habits to keep them from destroying your plants. It's a four-page fact sheet from Washington Toxics Coalition's Home Safe Home Project and is entertaining enough to read even if you don't have a slug problem. It describes how to make a slug trap from an old margarine tub, how to install copper barriers to repel slugs, and how to capture slugs without having to touch them. These techniques can keep slugs at bay without the need for toxic slug bait.
   To receive the slug fact sheet by return mail, send a check for $15.00 to Washington Toxics Coalition at 4516 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105. A host of other publications are also available, including fact sheets on lawn, weed control, fleas, aphids, clothing moths, and many more. To receive a free publication list, or for least-toxics solutions for other household problems, call the Toxics Hotline at 632-1545 or 1-800-844-SAFE.