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Guest Columns

Don't turn prom night into a nightmare

prom night by the Coalition for Vehicle Choice
Prom season is around the corner, and thousands of high school students across the state will take part in celebrating the end of the school year with their friends and classmates.

Drowsy driving also causes accidents

drowsy driving by Washington State Medical Association
Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest holidays for road travel. Drowsy driving may account for as many as 10,000 traffic fatalities annually in this country.

Letters to the Editor

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Taxpayers do have an agenda

hidden agendas Fire Commissioner Ben May writes (May 6) of his suspicions that anyone who writes to the editor has a hidden agenda, and implies that to do so is to libel our firefighters and may be just short of treason.

Community assistance valued by team

community thanked In the issue of April 22, an article about the local paintball team Maximum Velocity (Max V) was printed. As Team Captain of Maximum Velocity, and on behalf of the members of the team, I would like to extend many thanks to the Woodinville community.

Experiences of religious intolerance

religious intolerance Recent letters concerning the Baccalaureate service planned by some members of the community have given me cause to reflect on my own family's experiences in the community in relation to religious intolerance.

Address human need, not greed

need, not greed What's going on with the surging gas prices? Do you believe the oil companies when they contend it is pure free-market competition? It's hard to swallow that explanation.

Pipeline project not safe or necessary

pipeline project For quite some time now, I have been aware of a proposal for a fuel pipeline to carry gas, oil, diesel, and who knows what else, across the Cascade Mountains. Several issues have yet to be addressed before any preliminary approval should be granted.

Local cities would pay for Lake Sammamish cleanup

Lake Sammamish cleanup Officials at the May 9th meeting of the Sammamish Forum, a watershed management group, tagged the cities of Woodinville and Bothell to share [the $14 million annual cost of a clean lake Sammamish].

Correcting the record on Cedar County

Cedar County The recent letter [Valley View, April 14, 1996] from a Carnation resident expressing concerns about Cedar County simply was not based on fact.

Well done, Fire District 27

50 years' service Speaking on behalf of Fire District 10, we wish to extend our congratulations to the members and leadership of Fire District 27 in Fall City for the excellent service they have rendered to their citizens for the past 50 years.