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Pipeline project not safe or necessary

pipeline project To the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council:
   For quite some time now, I have been aware of a proposal for a fuel pipeline to carry gas, oil, diesel, and who knows what else, across the Cascade Mountains. Several issues have yet to be addressed before any preliminary approval should be granted.
   Actually, it is my contention that approval should not be granted. I have been unable to identify exactly where the pipeline is proposed to be built. That in itself should be a warning to you because Olympic Pipe Line Company has not been forthcoming with details as to exact siting of the project.
   In general, it is to run from Woodinville, through the Snoqualmie Valley, over the Cascade Mountains, and end up somewhere in Pasco. Potential harm to the environment along the way is horrendous.
   The pipeline is not slated to go along roadways that already create environmental problems with run-off, etc. It is planned for pristine areas, water aquifers, environmentally protected wetlands, and forestlands.
   And who stands to benefit from the pipeline? Not the landowner of property they would condemn, as the landowner would be responsible for any oil leaks on their property. Not the general public, as it would not bring the price of fuel down. Not the companies that already transport fuel to eastern Washington in environmentally safe barges. No. The only people to benefit from this proposed pipeline is Olympic Pipe Line personnel.
   This project is not safe or necessary. I urge the board of the Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council to deny them this application. I am deeply concerned about what this proposal would do to the State of Washington.

Lynn Wuscher, Duvall