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Local cities would pay for Lake Sammamish cleanup

Lake Sammamish cleanup Officials at the May 9th meeting of the Sammamish Forum, a watershed management group, tagged the cities of Woodinville and Bothell to share [the $14 million annual cost of a clean lake Sammamish].
   In response to voiced objections, since those cities' runoff goes toward Lake Washington, not Lake Sammamish, the officials said the importance of Lake Sammamish warranted it. (Under that theory, Kirkland, Shoreline, and Renton should also contribute, since what flows from Lake Sammamish into the Sammamish River ends up in Lake Washington.)
   If our high annual Surface Water Management drainage fees were spent on managing runoff instead of constructing fish habitat and recreating wetlands, Lake Sammamish problems would be diminished without spending an extra $14 million annually.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville