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City finishing up Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan by Jeff Switzer, staff reporter
WOODINVILLE--Mack's Corner as a possible historic landmark; mixed office and high density on 25 acres in the downtown; and low density on the Bellizi property are a few of the zoning decisions made by the City Council last week as part of the comprehensive plan.
   Another decision was to go with moderate density on the former transfer station property on the north bypass, coupled with a move for more flexibility in the zoning code, a process which will follow the comp plan process.
   The council also decided on an office designation for two parcels south of the medical center, even though the Planning Commission had recommended staying at six units per acre for one parcel.
   The council will be holding their public hearing regarding the final comp plan on Thursday, June 6, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, where they will also be having first reading and proposing amendments.
   The plan to date has gone through multiple citizen advisory panels, the Planning Commission, and now the City Council. Following the public hearing, additional changes can be made by the council.
   After the passage of the policy document, expected June 24, the city begins the zoning code, an equally comprehensive document which implements the policy statements made in the comprehensive plan.