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Boy turns in new $100 bill

   Evan Haines, 7, and his two brothers had run ahead of their mother to buy ice cream at the Woodinville Payless. That's when they found what they thought was a $1 bill.
   Excited about their new-found wealth, they still thought the dollar somehow didn't look right. They felt it might be fake, which was quite a disappointing prospect.
   When their mother, Marlene Haines, caught up with them, she pointed out that it was a $100 bill, one of the new ones with a larger Ben Franklin head.
   Evan turned the bill into the store manager. By press time, the three boys may have bought a lot of ice cream.

Illegal logging on downtown hill

   Drivers have probably noticed the damage on the property above the 140th Ave. NE and Woodinville-Snohomish Road intersection in Woodinville.
   The property owner had permission to demolish the residence there; however, the city has issued a "stop work notice" on the logging there. According to the city, the activity "went well beyond what permit they had."
   At this point, the city is now concerned about erosion from the hill and how to implement its tree retention policies.