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Woodinville voters have said 'no'

bond issue The $7.5 million bond issue seems to be headed for defeat, despite absolutely no organized opposition. The only opposition I saw was a few letters to the editor, including mine.
   Yet despite (or perhaps because of) the endorsement by the City Council and some residents (and non-residents), the matter went down to defeat. The proponents also had two mailings and put up numerous "vote yes" signs.
   Stuart Clarke, Chairman of Citizens for a Woodinville Community Center, is calling for another vote, saying, "I know the community has certainly expressed a desire to do this." What part of "no" doesn't he understand?
   The voters in Woodinville have said no!!! The tax proponents, like the proponents of the Seattle Commons, won't take "no" for an answer. Mr. Clarke, the voters of Woodinville have expressed a desire not to do this.
   I proposed to the City Council that the vote be held during the Primary Election in September or the General Election in November so that we would not have the burden of paying for a Special Election. Now November is being considered.
   If there is another election, I ask that the proponents make some major changes on the purchase and state the total costs. The proposal will probably be voted down again, but at least the voters will know what they are being asked to pay.
   Supporters claim that the cost of relocating city services to another site and building permanent facilities "could" exceed the price for the 13.5 acres. Yes it "could," but it would cost a lot less than the projected $14.5 to $15.0 million total cost, and the city would have a state-of-the-art facility, rather than a patched-up set of outdated buildings.
   The ball fields should not be sold. They belong to the School District and School District taxpayers should pressure the School District to keep them, regardless of any action by the city.

Bob Dixon, Woodinville