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Government involvement in censorship

government censorship Why is Clinton spending so much time and energy demanding that networks set up a rating system and making it so that every new TV has the V-Chip installed when he should be spending more time and energy on more important issues such as the National Debt, or unemployment, or the homeless?
   Don't get me wrong, I think that the V-Chip is an excellent invention. It's great for parents who feel it necessary to supervise what their children watch, but why is it being pushed so much?
   I think that the parents who want it or feel their children need it are the ones to spend a little extra money to get it, instead of all of us having to pay more to get something that a lot of people don't want or need.
   Here is something to ponder. This is an election year, right? That makes me think that Clinton may be buttering up the voters as part of his re-election campaign. Why else would he kick this into overdrive just a few short months before the voters decide whether to keep him in office or vote Republican.
   Here is something else to think about. This new government involvement (as it's called) in censorship comes terribly close to government censorship of what we watch. I think, and I know many others agree, that government censorship is a very bad and dangerous thing. If this new government involvement is growing toward government censorship and the people don't stop it from happening, then what's next?
   If you would like to see some changes in the way Clinton and the rest of the government are going about this process, then write your congressman. Remember, the more letters they receive, the better the chance of an actual change occurring.

Tony Tackett, Bothell