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City's rec program readying for summer

rec program by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--Some suggestions have been made on how to improve the City's recreation program with the YMCA, including transportation for kids, senior resident discounts, and possibly a joint purchase of a PA system for the teen band nights which could also be used for city events.
   "People are starting to identify Sorenson as their recreation center, which is pretty neat," said Lane Youngblood, assistant public works director for Woodinville.
   The youth and family recreation programs offered at Sorenson run the gamut from "flick and float" movie nights at the pool, swim lessons, open gym, summer day camps, and babysitting classes.
   In a report issued recently by the YMCA and Woodinville, approximately 620 City resident recreation cards have been issued to date this year, 100 more than were issued for the entire year of 1995.
   Youngblood said the Sorenson center is getting used extensively for youth and families, as well as the highly successful teen band nights. Classes are also offered, though they take more time to build up a following as informing people about new programs also takes time.
   "People are still finding out the benefits of being a Woodinville citizen," Youngblood said, noting that some classes are free or discounted for residents.
   The City currently pays about $55,000 for recreational programs through the YMCA, drawing its priorities from a recreational survey which emphasized youth and teens programs, focusing recreational dollars there.
   City-supported programs include open gym, band nights, teen breakaway trips, and babysitting classes for teens; kids gym, family open gym, and flick and float for families; and recreation and family swims, youth swim lessons, and learn to swim week as part of the aquatic programs.
   The new YMCA summer brochure is expected to come out sometime within the next week. For more information, call 489-6378.