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If we don't buy it, we will lose it

Community Center I was disappointed to find that the Community Center bond vote did not pass. Most of the people I talked to said they just weren't sure how to vote. Was it because they needed more information and so chose not to vote at all?
   All voters need to understand the costs and the benefits of the Community Center to make an informed vote. What made a "yes" vote easy for me was knowing that if the City of Woodinville doesn't buy the Sorenson school, we will lose it. The ballfields, the gym, the pool, everything will be gone, including City Hall.
   It will be a very sad day for us all if those buildings are torn down and replaced by more apartments and retail development! How could something like that fit in with the vision for our home town?
   If this happens, we will lose our one chance to insure that our town will have a Community Center, someplace to give it focus. Losing it would put us one giant step closer to becoming just another Lynnwood. I hope we get another chance at voting on this issue, and this time I will do what I can to be sure that everyone knows what we stand to lose and what we stand to gain.

Cynthia Brocha, Woodinville