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Take a look at the packaging

Woodinville's future I'll be celebrating my two-month anniversary as a Woodinville resident next week. Like others who express similar opinions, I, too, have chosen to live here to remove myself from urban sprawl.
   I've talked with neighbors, some who have lived here many, many years. They all express concern about the "comprehensive plan;" others feel they were led astray by the incorporation of Woodinville as a city. What does this actually mean for the community?
   No, I am not completely against development. I voted for the Seattle Commons the first go-around when I resided within those limits, and would have done so the second time around. I am willing to support open space.
   As well, I am willing to support viable, community business. With creativity and ingenuity, we could create an atmosphere that invites such business into our community--people who care and support our philosophy about how we choose to live and maintain our community--even though they may not live within our city limits.
   We need active citizen support to control growth before it is too late. We hold precious land here which we can use to our advantage. If the city is truly attempting to create a "liveable" community, as it claims to be, logging the land and sacrificing our wetlands for the sake of strip malls and conglomerate stores will not do it. That environment is not conducive for community building. That has been proven time and time again.
   I held the majority "no" vote on the May 21 ballot. Like the Comprehensive Plan, the initial packaging looked good, but with a little research, I found it to be money not well spent.
   I urge you to show up on June 6 at City Hall to hear what is being discussed about the future of our community and to voice your concerns and opinions. Let's all take a good look at the packaging.

Marci Hennes, Woodinville