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Pie-in-the-sky ideas

pie-in-the-sky ideas The Northshore school district wants seven and one half million for the property that the people own in Woodinville. Supposing the voters agree to the bond issue and give Northshore the money, then they could, in turn, relieve the taxpayers from paying any school assessments for the length of the bonds.
   That is what is called creative financing. I will trade one for the other, not both. I want the school board to remember that, when they come to us for money for schools.
   If I am not mistaken, the King County taxpayers have already paid for the Sorenson swimming pool, so by what right does the school district sell it back to us?
   I hope the voters of Woodinville give some thought to these issues and to the next bonds the city wants to saddle them with this fall for parks and other pie-in-the-sky ideas.

John Walgamott, Woodinville