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Firefighters are heroes in many ways

firefighters are heroes I am writing this letter to express my thanks and deepest gratitude to the group of Woodinville firefighters who took part in the climb to fight leukemia at the Columbia Tower in Seattle. As a patient currently diagnosed with AML, one kind of leukemia, I am especially aware of the value of your contribution.
   While recognition in the Woodinville Weekly tells us all about your efforts, I wanted you to know they are heard by many of us who are personally affected, that we take this stuff to heart, and very seriously. As if your dedication to protecting our personal properties against fire, and your response to emergency medical crises don't already make you heroes, you should know you are definitely heroes to me.
   I talked with a friend, one from your ranks in firefighting, who was there at the top of the stairs to help lift the full weight of your fire gear from your backs, and help you off with the heavy clothing. I heard about the sheer exhaustion you folks went through to make it to the top. I know there are many easier ways to show commitment to a worthy cause.
   Contributions such as yours, and others who have joined the marrow donor program, donate blood products or otherwise become personally involved, really make a difference to many of us who would not survive without such dedication.
   If you want to know how important this is, you can ask my wife or my children. They are personally involved, too.

John Gilbert, Woodinville