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Each faith should have its own service

baccalaureate This Baccalaureate issue has me thinking. The definition means "sermon given to a graduating class or the service at which this sermon is given." The suggestion to open this ceremony to all seniors and involve all faiths is ideal but not practical.
   I have been to religious services at large conventions that try to accommodate all faiths. While it was pleasant, the message was very generic and unsatisfying to my soul which longed to worship in my own familiar faith.
   Because I believe in a spiritual world, I wouldn't be comfortable having my children blessed by or have guidance requested from a God who was not my own. God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son, of LDS or Mormonism is not the same God/Jesus of traditional Christianity. Although the names are the same, the beings represented by those names are very different.
   In the same thought, neither of these are the same as the Jehovah and Jesus of the Jehovah Witnesses. At a combined service, a Jewish family might be uncomfortable with the mention of Jesus Christ, who is the cornerstone to the Christian Faith. A Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim would be offended that the name of their God is not mentioned at all. So we water down the message and make a generic, non-offensive, earthy, unsatisfying message.
   I have a suggestion: That the Baccalaureate Committee recommend each faith to combine their own churches into one ceremony and invite all the seniors interested. The committee could then make the dates and places available to the senior families. Each family could then choose one or many to attend. I could have my senior blessed by my God at my ceremony and also attend another service and observe their ceremony for experience's sake.

Cindy Potter, Woodinville