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Commercializing a town will not solve long-term city problems

commercializing a town As a former planning commissioner and city council member with the City of Duvall, I write concerning the proposed development at the corner of Big Rock Road and SR-203.
   Even though I chose to move away from Duvall, it still concerns me that you have council members who are determined to modernize and urbanize a rural community. I couldn't understand this thinking when I served on the council and I can't understand it now.
   Duvall is seven miles from Monroe and 12 miles from Redmond, which have all the services it needs to provide a well-rounded life for its citizens. Adding all the amenities this new development would bring destroys the very premise Duvall has built its reputation on: being a small rural community where people from other parts of the Eastside and beyond come to get away from it all.
   Consider what Don MacKenzie is asking of the city and what the citizens of Duvall will have to deal with on a daily basis by adding such a huge development to an area that is not ready for it.
   I realize there are other issues, such as the water problem, sewer connections, and revenue, but there are other ways to deal with each one of these without taking away the rural atmosphere Duvall area residents grew up with or moved there for. Commercializing a town will not solve the long-term problems of a city. There needs to be a more balanced approach. It can be done.
   I look forward to following this important issue through the wonders of the Internet.

Graham Currie, Monroe, Michigan