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Woodinville has its own 'Sincere Handyman'

Northwest's Most Sincere Handyman by Mina Hochberg
It's not often that a person wins a prize for tearing down a bedroom wall. But Larry Cook of Woodinville did, and received a new dining set and a good story to tell over dinner.
   Underhill's Furniture dubbed Cook the "Northwest's Most Sincere Handyman" after receiving a number of stories of handyman mishaps. Cook's story of a remodeling gone wrong won the grand prize.
   According to his story, Cook had removed a wall while remodeling a downstairs bedroom when he realized the wall was a load-bearing wall--bearing a waterbed, in fact.
   Cook dashed around the neighborhood hunting for 2x4s to save the foundation. "The house didn't cave in," Cook said, "but for a while it looked like it might." His good intentions won him a Richardson dining set and a pair of Sonics tickets.
   Cook, though appreciative of Underhill's generosity, admits, "I'm not a contractor or a carpenter." But his tenacity shows. The room is now finished. "I haven't given up," he said.