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Northshore Foundation awards scholarships

Northshore Foundation The Northshore Scholarship Foundation presented over $33,000 in scholarship awards to local youths at a ceremony May 22. Forty awards were presented to students from Bothell, Woodinville, and Inglemoor High Schools.
   The 12th annual scholarship breakfast was sponsored by the Woodinville Rotary Club, the Northshore Kiwanis Club, and the Northshore Rotary Club.
   The foundation, organized in 1984, has grown over the years to a value of $495,180. Each year music, academic, athletic, leadership, and vocational awards help students pay the costs of continuing their education.
   Woodinville High School's Anne Stockton received the Nick Jewett Baseball scholarship. Claire Hochberg of Woodinville High and Inglemoor's Ritee Parikh received the Malinowski-Northshore Communications award. Hochberg and Paul Stephano received the Woodinville Rotary Club academic scholarship.
   The Les and Vista Anderson Vocational Studies awards were given to Bothell High School's Lindsay Graver, Jamey Lechner, and Natasha Mohar. The vocational award was also given to Tyron Lin and Melissa Steinberg of the Secondary Alternative School, as well as Joel Knapp of Inglemoor High.
   Bonnie Langley and Corie Nolte, both from the Secondary Alternative School, received awards from the Northshore Kiwanis. Northshore Kiwanis Club Academic awards were also presented to Bothell's Jena Cripe, Todd Roche, and Johanna Yngvason; and Grace Brown, Hollie Sherif, and Ananda Steely of Inglemoor.
   Shelley Murphy of Bear Creek Elementary accepted the Alan Buchanan Memorial Continuing Education Grant.
   Other Bothell students at the awards included Kathleen Asmann, who was given the Betty Stoutenburg Art Scholarship; Ashley Campbell and Melody Mayer, who received the Northshore Rotary Club Academic award; Kyle Olds, who accepted the Harkonen-BHS Faculty Scholarship; Laura Jez, who won the Dean Worthington Business Scholarship; and Kelly Desy, who received the R.C. Worthington Jr. Citizenship Award.
   Matt Carter of Inglemoor was awarded the Steven Haynes Fine Arts Scholarship; Carlos Moreno and Stephanie Rickert won Northshore Rotary Club Academic awards; Jennifer Maxwell won the Carl Knoll Business Scholarship; Zoe Macfarlane was awarded the Anna Cowles Special Education Scholarship; Meagan McDonald won the J.P. Hennessey Memorial Music Scholarship; William Hiestand received the Blakely-Love Superintendent's Merit Scholarship; Lara Hollingworth was given the Inglemoor Scholarship in memory of Jeannie Quackenbush, Gregerson Berg, and Bobby Nachtsheim.