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New agency places workers over 50

temporary employment by Matt Schroeder
Pro Temps is a temporary employment agency which, like others, helps match workers and employers. But there the paths diverge. Pro Temps specializes in workers over the age of 50.
   Companies downsizing today often choose to eliminate the positions of their older, more experienced employees in favor of younger workers with lower salaries.
   This was the case for Cliff Boles, one of the founders of the Pro Temps agency. He was laid off in June from his job as a credit collection manager. His subsequent job search was unsuccessful, despite having more than 20 years experience in his field.
   Barbara Davis, the second founder of the agency, quit her job in July, but later decided that she wanted to work again. She sent out 50 resumes, but received only two replies.
   Now, Boles and Davis have opened Pro Temps with a pool of 30 people looking for work. Initial response from area businesses is good, they said.
   "I know once companies try older workers, they'll find they are an asset," Davis said. She feels the new agency provides a valuable service to both companies and temporary workers.
   The agency's services include accounting, office management, computer programming, reception and secretarial work, and word processing. They can be reached at 806-8000.