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HHA hasn't stated opposition to fire station

no stated opposition A recent article in the Weekly pertaining to a Fire Commissioners meeting claimed that the Hollywood Hill Association (HHA) opposed the construction of the proposed Fire Station 32 within the Sammamish Valley Agricultural Production District (APD).
   This article surprised us. First, because no one from the HHA had attended the meeting; and second, because we have communicated no such opposition. In fact, we have told the Fire Commissioners that the HHA does not currently plan to oppose the station if the Fire District complies with all land use regulations.
   The public needs to be aware of the fact that the restrictions on the land purchased by the Fire District may make it impractical to build a fire station on this site. Even if the district is ultimately able to build, land use regulations will severely limit what can be built because the district purchased a site in rural King County rather than in the City of Woodinville.
   Among the many requirements for placing a fire station on this site is one that forces the district to find equivalent farmland to add back to the APD. They are required to replace the land which they intend to remove from the APD. No one in the county has successfully accomplished such a swap, which makes it doubtful that the Fire District will be able to succeed. Even if the district should overcome this hurdle, many more remain.

Steven Gallagher, Woodinville