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Rick White neither 'pro-environment' nor 'fiscally conservative'

Rick White's politics On a recent commute to Bainbridge Island, I was reminded by the Washington Wilderness Coalition why I will not vote for Rick White this November.
   At the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal last week, I was pleasantly surprised to be served a waffle with Rick White's picture on it. The waffles represented White's brand of politics.
   One recent example of White's "waffling" is in regard to the salvage logging rider. The rider (which was passed last July) allows the timber industry to bypass environmental safeguards to harvest the remaining five percent of old-growth forests.
   It would cost taxpayers approximately $500,000,000 to subsidize below-cost timber sales. The rider is not only unequivocally anti-environment, it is a taxpayers' nightmare. White has an opportunity to co-sponsor legislation that would repeal the rider. Thus far, he has not acted.
   I have lived in the 1st District for over a decade and have grown increasingly dismayed by so-called leaders who will allow the destruction of our nation's heritage to accommodate wealthy special interests.
   Rick White has labeled himself "pro-environment" and a "fiscal conservative." He has demonstrated that he not only has little regard for the environment, but will squander taxpayer dollars when corporate interests are concerned.
   Timber companies cannot re-elect Rick White, only his district can. If he is willing to sacrifice the natural beauty of his own state, then he will likely sacrifice his potential career as well. His district is waking up and is not happy.

Lara Sukol, Edmonds